The Isle of Manís location at the centre of the Irish Sea has generated a rich maritime heritage, above and below the waves. The Isle of Manís territorial waters extend to 12 nautical miles off shore for most of the coastline, and 8 nautical miles at the north of the Island, due to the proximity of Scotland. There are estimated to be over 1500 shipwrecks in Manx Territorial Waters.


The tidal range around the Isle of Man can be up to 8 metres. This vast movement of water sweeps the Island twice a day, bringing rich feeding for an impressive array of marine creatures. Basking sharks are common from May through to July. The Island is also home to the rare Rissoís Dolphins and has a resident population of grey seals.


Discover Diving own and operate the only purpose built diving support vessel on the Isle of Man.  Endeavour will carry you in safety and comfort to your dive site where some of the best of British diving awaits.


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